About “Who is Loic?”

Life is too short to dwell on the past, look forward and hold your head up high. I have always believed in sharing experiences with people and friends, since I believe this is what connects us all in this world. If there’s one thing my father taught me was to never look back on life and say “oh man I wish I could of done this” or even “yeah, I was like you and then you get older” and blah blah. All I hear when I talk to people like this is excuse after excuse as to why they are not happy.

My idea of writing a blog was to share my thoughts on the adventures of life, give you feedback on things I try or do, insight on training and experiments and maybe someday inspire someone to realize; regardless of age, sex, or anything, that you are capable of accomplishing things far beyond what your body and mind think is the limit.

I currently work as outside sales for an electrical distributor and part-time coach at Crossfit Newport Beach/The Iron Newport Beach.  I train primarily in Olympic Weightlifting, and Endurance training in the form of running trail ultramarathons, open ocean swims, fastpacking, and hiking.  I am an airdyne afficionado, avid beer drinker, and huge grassfed butter enthusiast.



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