Generation what?

What is the end goal? Is there a destination? Where are we all running towards in such a hurry?
It seems to me, every time I talk to friends about this topic a common thing rises: unknown future.
I’m mysteriously comfortable these thoughts. Almost at ease with the idea of not knowing what’s next. My other half is full of anxiety. To quote the mountaineering movie “Cold”- What the fuck am I doing here?
Does anyone who thinks they have it all figured out dare step up and admit they’re lost too? What if everything you believed ended up being wrong, you weren’t meant to be a doctor, a mechanic, or a pilot after all. Are you happy right now? What about ten years from now…
I’ve always applied the same amount of passion and heart into everything I am involved with, from friends/lovers to things I’ve built or even destroyed. There is no clear path, no easy solution. This isn’t a simple algebraic expression that can be figured out, it was never meant to be. You are guided by your senses, maybe feelings, emotions, past experiences, intuition. Walking or perhaps running to what could be the edge of a cliff into a huge open void. Maybe the endless crevasse is the end result after all? Free-fall.
Freeing mind and body, weightless conscience. There’s no reason to keep adding life’s stones to your ruck sack. Near everyone’s end, should be the ultimate goal of emptying all of these rocks and finally taking the actual back pack off.
No need to accumulate a lifetimes worth of bullshit to look back and realize:
Man…climbing this mountain without all of this shit would have been a whole lot smarter.

20131104-152544.jpgoh hi there, citizens of Los Angeles…


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