OED, and the pursuit of adventure

Rekindling with old friends and catching up, as opened me to think more about what it is I’m really trying to do. I sat there at dinner and looked at Gillian dumb founded, I mean…yeah I’ve got a plan, right? What’s this life all about…
The fact that I’m not completely obsessed with just one thing bugged me for a while. Today, I’m starting to think that’s not such a bad thing after all. Yeah, I may never be the fastest trail runner, hit the biggest wave, have the best time on a crossfit workout…but I live. Going back to a previous post, I think that’s what Defining Life is for me. A recent chat with great friend Jen had me quote that we had OED: Obsessive Endurance Disorder. With a constant drive to push the human body, I’m hooked on everything and anything. Climb mountains, bodysurf wedge, run ultra-marathons, globe trot…I want it all and there’s nothing that says we can’t do just that. If you’re incredibly gifted and are really good at what you do, then by no means let anyone tell you not to pursue that. For the rest of us, be content with being able to try everything, at least once and you’ll have amazing stories to tell your grand kids. At least…that’s the only reason I’m doing it for right? The stories, the vivid blurry memory of running 70 miles in the woods, being held down by some gnarly wave and having your lungs screaming at you, feeling like you can’t breathe because of the thin air at 14,000 feet(Andrew & Jen, that’s for you guys haha). I look forward, and sometimes I get scared…not because I’m unsure of what I really want to do. Mainly, because I have no idea what crazy ass place or adventure I’m going to find myself in.
Sit down, and ask yourself: what’s this life all about? What’s holding you back? The answer is nothing. You build walls and obstacles, it’s natural, we’re only humans.

Have a great turkey day everyone!
I’m french so we don’t celebrate but I might steal some turkey from some friends. Don’t mind the bearded French dude, he’s just hungry šŸ˜‰



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