Tug Boat Dive

I’m only human. This morning proved to be one of those days, where I just didn’t want to get in my wetsuit. Once in a while I think back on what these guys would think: 

It’s what sets you apart from the crowd, do you get in the water? or do you call in sick?

That question doesn’t just have to relate to diving. It relates to all of us and our lives. Sure, we can all get sick, tired, sore, unmotivated but what sets us apart from peers is that tiny voice inside that has you push through the comfort zone, put on your wetsuit, and dive in.  The outcome of today for me, meant inspecting 5 huge tug boats, each with propellers the size of a jeep…one word: unreal. The enormousness of these machines was breathtaking* (no pun intended coming from a diver). At the end of the day, with San Pedro in my rearview mirror and the sight of container ships being unloaded, I could only smile and thank my voice inside for convincing me to dive in.

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