Define life…

What is your definition of life? What makes you an individual? Are you really living? Or are you just going through the motions day in, day out hoping that miraculously something will change or fall out of the sky?

•define: to give form or meaning to
•life: the physical, mental, and spiritual experiences that constitute existence

As a good friend recently posted on her twitter; Sunday is a day of reflection. No, I’m not religious but do believe in self-reflection and clearing the mind once in a while. More than often I find myself working on weekends or try to outdo yesterday and forget to slow down or take some time to myself. This Sunday I sat and read a good book. I’m currently reading Eat & Run by Scott Jurek that was loaned to me by Travel Mango’s(her blog) mom. We book traded and I’m enjoying every bit of this book. I sat here at a coffee shop, people watching, reading, “wasting” time on Instagram, looking at pictures of Argentina, Chile and Venezuela. Did I really waste my time? Absolutely not. This was a much needed mental break from the daily life of working 2 jobs, trying to live life to its fullest and defining life.
Everyone’s definition is different, just make sure you have one.



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