Newport love

Idleness doesn’t sit too well for my brother and I. There’s no going home at the end of the day and hanging out on a couch watching tv like zombies. Instead we plan, plot, discuss future goals, trips, and whatever else is on our mind or you can now find us editing the days worth of surf or trail photos. Mat recently purchased a GoPro hero 2(which he is returning to score the newly released hero3) in an attempt to capture our crazy fun lives. With both of us working in Newport Beach, we have finally been able to both get off work and put in good time in the waves. Yesterday’s session proved to be one of the best we have ever experienced together. It wasn’t particularly big, but just FUN. We hoot and hollered like a bunch of wild animals literally catching a wave to swim right back out and catch another. Everyone in the lineup stared at us a little envious of how much fun we were having and in a way our own reminder to friends and other surfers: sometimes just put the board up and grab your fins, really enjoy and experience the pure aspect of bodysurfing. Needless to say, yes I still surf occasionally but with sessions like this I find myself asking…why don’t we do this all the time?
The past couple nights I’ve been talking to my brother over a few beers, late night rants quickly turned to planning and now we are dreaming of South American coasts, a pair of fins and a hell of a good time. As we progress into this blog, you might see more eclectic subjects besides trail running and ultras but that’s what life is about: epic road, endless life. Cheers!


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