Come Hell or High Water(Trailer)

Growing up in Southern California exposed me to almost every aspect of becoming a waterman, and bodysurfing is one of those that stuck around.   I started sloshing around in waves at a very young age.  Most of my life I have been fortunate to be near an ocean or the sea, from the coasts of France, to warm watered Florida beaches, the sometimes frustrating Virginia shoreline and of course the golden state; California.  When the surf was down, or we didn’t have a ride to the beach to carry our boards, my brother and I would go bodysurf. To us, bodysurfing instills the spirit of “pureness” in riding a wave and…is just plain fun as hell.  Your body and a single pair of fins, is all you need to carry around the world to get your feet wet.  This Patagonia trailer isn’t new, but reminds us to get out there and have fun, and I love the filming in it. Enjoy and hopefully, see you out there!


3 responses to “Come Hell or High Water(Trailer)

  1. Great writing skills. It is awesome that someone appreciates their surroundings and live life the way it’s suppose to be. Instead of dreaming of what could be. Your blog inspires this person:)

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