Brooks PureConnect review

My good friend Carter recently hooked me up with a pair of Brooks PureConnect and although it took a little bit for me to really start liking them, I have to say they finally grew on me and are in the rotation.  The PureConnects are part of Brooks newer line of running shoes designed to give you a more natural feel for the ground and promote better running form(See: Pose running method).  This is something Newton running shoes has done for a long time and other big shoe companies are finally catching on, thankfully.  Out with the chunky heels, in with the forefoot/mid-foot landing promoting soles!


As many of you know, I’m a big fan of minimalist shoes like the New Balance line and Inov8s, so I welcomed the hand off as Carter is old school and prefers his heel crusher..uhh I mean thicker soled shoes.  At first the thing that bothered me was how “cushy” these felt to me, a little too much foam in between me and the road/trail.  As I started longer back to backs on the weekends I played around with shoe rotation and began to wear them on the second day when my feet were sore or tired from the prior day.  Slowly but surely, my feet started welcoming the thought of having a little more protection after the Saturday beat downs.


I’ll start out by describing the interesting design of the sole:

  • Super cushy lugs with big form correcting one near outside of the foot’s arch
  • Very soft and flexible foam sole, thick yet light as a feather
  • Split toe to allow more freedom of foot movement
  • Neutral shoe, no real propulsion aids


Uppers/Insides and other side notes:

  • Really breathable mesh, as you can see the sun shines right through the fabric
  • Thin lightly cushioned tongue, could be very comfy with no socks(haven’t tried yet)
  • Very soft fabric used in heel cup, which is deep and feels like it secures my foot into place
  • Elastic band around mid-foot helps the shoe feel more snug but not tight
  • Super reflective logo, piping all through out shoe(I tried to take many pictures indoors until I finally turned off flash and went outside)

So overall, the shoe feels like mini light weight pillows on my feet but that don’t hinder my mid-foot strike Pose running form.  I welcome them following long runs the next day as a tool to clock more serious runs without having to brutally abuse my feet.  They feel super breathable, light as hell and have a rad color scheme.  These kicks are also on the lower end of the price spectrum in the “minimalist”, in a world where trends and “fads” have made other companies charge absurd prices (we won’t name companies) for next to nothing materials in a running shoe.  Super impressed by the direction Brooks is going with these, and would definitely recommend them to someone who is thinking of making the switch from traditional shoes to minimalist but wants to “ease” into it. Cheers!



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