Revisiting Sugar Hollow

This weekend marks the second week of focused, quality training for me (22.5 miles yesterday/7.44 miles today). I headed to Sugar Hollow for some quality time in the mountains, and my second run there. Not much to report other than glacial winds on the ridges, beautiful rock formations, oxidized soil and of course running on one of the oldest mountain chains on the North American plate. Being on my second geology course I am starting to appreciate these trips training wise but even more scientifically.  For the rest, these beautiful pics will give you a hint of what I got to play in this weekend:



One response to “Revisiting Sugar Hollow

  1. Wow! I just recently learned a lot about ultras from reading “born to run” this entry was awesome, it got my heart beating faster and I almost fell off a step as I read while walking with my phone and didn’t look carefully where I was walking. How exciting! You explained it so well that I felt like I was there! Hahaha I spotted u on the video too! Congrats man! I hope one day I get to run one of those!

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