Concrete surfing, rat rods, and rockabilly.

Growing up in So-Cal, it’s a given that at some point or another you will be influenced by one of the many subcultures deeply rooted in the local scene. I for example, took from not one but many different lifestyles that seemed to mesh well together and became a product of my environment. To this day, rockabilly/punk music and its scene still holds a dear place in my heart and for ol’ time sakes I’ll throw on some Rev Horton Heat, maybe some Minor Threat, or mellow out to some Link Wray guitar riffs.

Not too long ago I had a chance to share a passion of mine on to a younger kid: skateboarding. There was an extra board at the house that I gave him after seeing his beat up board. It made me think of ages ago when Ben (if he’s reading he’ll laugh) and I learned how to first ollie on his older brothers Santa Cruz 80’s board. We literally rode that board into the ground, but accomplished one thing: got hooked on skating. The old school style of skating looked more appealing and influenced us into skating the storm drain pipe in Irvine with Peewee, Ben, Scott and concrete “waves” to emulate the dogtown Z-Boys surfing style. It wasn’t long until we started memorizing skaters names and choosing favorites, like an NFL fan and knowing every player/coach. Of all the skate idols I’ve had over the years, one always comes to mind and the fact that he still rips is even radder- Mike Valelly. Instead of giving you some long bio I’ll let his video speak for itself. Mike recently started his new skateboard company, Elephant Brand Skateboards and you can guess what my next board will be.

Another big influence in So Cal is the hot rod culture, no where else I’ve been have I seen a greaser scene as big as Orange County’s. With the music came the want to some day build my own Bonneville salt flats rod. Every man has a dream car or truck, mine happens to be a 1953 Mercury, chopped, lowered and louvered.

I know this post was a bit of a mixed bag but having just spent the holidays out there visiting my family, I felt the need to go back to my roots. You never really realize how much you loved the place you’re from until you leave it. Until next time California!


One response to “Concrete surfing, rat rods, and rockabilly.

  1. So true. You never know how much you love a place until you leave. I feel the same way about my hometown and home state. The memories, people and feelings make my home a very special place.

    I never knew you were a skater! Very cool.

    P.S. Love that car!

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