Rekindling the Fire

Last year,  after 6-7 months of actual structured Crossfit at a registered affiliate I decided to compete in the 2010 Virginia Sectionals for the Crossfit Games(I know, pretty ambitious right?).  My overall standing was 117th….out of 157 competitors and basically was a great big screaming voice inside saying “HEY BRO! You’ve got some MAJOR weaknesses to work on!”.  This was not only a wake up call, it also proved to be the most focused and driven I have ever felt in a “competition” atmosphere.

"French Squat Hip-thrust", often immitated never duplicated. It leaves no questioning of standards: Fact.

As 2010 went on, I vowed to come back stronger than ever and to fix some discrepancies like my horrible Upper to Lower body strength ratio(my legs are my power house). The year went on and with no “real” set in stone competitions or goals laid out I started to lose interest.  In comes my rising interest in trail running, and another rare breed of animal: The Ultra-runner.  I signed up for a 50k and ran it, then shifted my goals to attempt a 100 miler within the next year. You know how the rest of the story unfolds if you’ve been following my blog. Well, after Leadville and pacing my friend Carter to his first successful 100 miler I started to fall back into those doldrums where training starts looking more like working out, a.k.a absolutely pointless.

"heels, heels, heeeeels!"...not listening.

Over the past few weeks though, I’ve done some “searching” if you want to call it that or just once again somehow finding it appealing to push myself past the comfort zone, masochistically enjoying nauseating WODs and lifting heavy weight. After talking to a couple guys who crossfit here at Old Dominion and are absolute fire-breathers, I started to regain that sense of purpose. If you saw me, I don’t fit the bill of any type of runner.  I’m genetically wired to lift, pull, push, throw heavy shit and sprint my ass off, therefore that is what I shall do.  Following main site Crossfit and sharing my times virtually on a Google spreadsheet with a few good friends as allowed me to regain that sense of purpose, the “what you put in is what you get out” feeling, and setting short term goals like squatting 2 1/2 times my body weight, crushing my 1,000 meter row time, and so on. For now, there is a lot of work to do and weaknesses that are still there but the motivation and drive is there. In ultras, you often hear fellow runners tell you “if you got it, go for it” referring to the rare moments between lows during a race where you feel pumped, elevated and just want to take off, well I believe the saying holds true for your entire life, when you got it[motivation], go forth and conquer.

I leave you with the greatest quote from a poem that inspired a nation (watch the movie Invictus) and that I try to live my life by:

“I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.” – William Ernest Henley


2 responses to “Rekindling the Fire

  1. Good stuff dude! I enjoyued this write up. I believe I was squatting across from you in that sectionals pics. If you want some constructive feedback on training hit me up dude!

  2. Good for you! When you have it, go for it, is true in every aspect of life! If you have love, lay your heart on the line. If you have the extreme desire to study, do it! if you have the drive to workout, go for it! It’s generally better to do something then to do nothing at all.

    I am really hoping that I get the drive to workout soon. I’m in a comfortable state of mind with my body, but I know I have so much more potential. I just need to good playlist, a hot dress that I can’t quite fit in and I’ll be working out like crazy!

    My goal this semester was 4.0…only two grades in and so far so good! Let’s hope my goal is achieved 🙂 FYI it’s a good time to get motivation because you have a month to really dedicate time to it and not have to worry about school.

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