Share a book…or 20

I’m not much on gifts during Christmas as I think there is a lot of disappointment that comes with it, most of the time because one never gets what he/she wants due to lack of expressing their wishes. Let’s face it, we made it incredibly easy for our parents by writing “Santa” a letter and even included some sweet stickers or sugar coating our own parents when we pretended that we still believed in him.

Some of us even bribed the ol' man with ice cold Coca-cola

So that’s what gift cards are for these days right?  True, but I personally think there’s nothing more personal than buying someone a good book that you really enjoyed or that they might be interested in topic wise.  Need reasons why? Next time you see them you guys can discuss the book, plot or whatever it is you want to talk about on the book.  Sharing books is just as cool of a gift, in fact if the book is used more power to you. That used book will have character, been places, seen things that the reader has no idea about. Want to share books this year? Ask the people living with me, I probably have a collection the size of a University library, maybe smaller…like one of those book stores at the airport. Oh by the way, I’m bi-lingual so if you are looking for a french one…I probably have that one too.

Some wicked cool home libraries that I would like to someday reproduce or build similarly:

There’s nothing I love more than walking into a friends home and seeing a book I have read or looks interesting. Growing up constantly moving places, this was the one thing my mother held on to; her book collection. I always remember being too young to understand what half these books meant or what they were about but always thought the sight of bookshelves filled beyond capacity looked so cool. We owned some books that were so old they looked like those leather bound secret books that a Hollywood movie character would hide his stash of money and small revolver. Some in fact had aged so much the bindings had fallen apart and my mother kept them neatly together with twine tied in a bowstring. Needless to say, books had a lasting effect on my youth. To this day, those who know me well can tell you that I start entirely way too many books at the same time.

Currently “reading;
Kiss or Kill, confessions of a serial climber by Mark Twight

Big Boy Rules by Steve Fainaru

Out of Captivity by Marc Gonsalves, Keith Stansell, and Tom Howes

[side note]: If anyone has or knows of a used copy floating around, I’m willing to trade (I will update this as a side bar too):


4 responses to “Share a book…or 20

  1. My Library… ah… yes.
    The sensual appeal of books is without parallel. The “e-readers” of late have me wanting more. I love the touch, the smell, the dog-ear of a book. Often, I will note-take in the margins… and upon giving the book away I feel like I am sharing more than my book– I am sharing a piece of my life in the point in time of the reading. And to that note (not pun intended;)… Since my father’s passing, I have taken to reading his books, and his margin-notes. The thick smell of his dulled cigarette and the browning of the pages due to (copious amounts of…) nicotine bring me back to a time when I was a little girl. Sometimes I will find advertisements from the ’90s or business cards of old friends, used as bookmarks. I love it. I love books.
    I, like your mother, hold on to my books. I am moving… and in the process people say “why do you need all these boxes?… How much stuff could you possibly have?” No– I’m not a hoarder…. they are my beloved, beautiful, bound works of art.

    • Same, I realize this is a lofty goal for someone who can’t stand the thought of being tied down to something like a big house BUT if it means a super sweet library such as these…then I’m cool!

  2. All I do is read and over Thanksgiving break, I read a completely mindless book and it was glorious! I love books of all types and I too attribute that love to my mother! She always read bedtime stories to me and would take me to the library every 3 weeks with my canvas bag and library card in hand! We also took advantage of the used book stores in the area. To this day, the feel of a book puts a smile on my face! Writing in margins is something I do more often then not.

    Two books you may love: “Assumed the Watch: Moored As Berfore” (it’s written by a prior Navy guy that I actually went to HS with) and “The Prince of Tides” (if you haven’t read it already)

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