New Balance MT101

A full year and a whole lot of miles later, my MT101s are still in the closet albeit they look way past their prime. This New Balance model has been a tried and tested to their limit…yet I still seem to put them on. I have literally done everything from Crossfit, run an ultra, walk to school, shower, sleep with them…just kidding about the last two. It saddens me just a bit that the model will be seeing a facelift and new design for spring but I’m excited nonetheless.

The MT101 last is a little roomy in the toe box, I personally didn’t have any problems with the heel but have heard people complain…not me.
This shoe is low to the ground giving great feel of the trail. That being said, you literally feel the trail. During the Bel Monte 50 I decided right then and there I would never wear these shoes EVER in an east coast ultra(more specifically around VA, WV, NC). Almost a year later, I have greatly changed my opinion and now understand that you HAVE to condition your foot to such little protection.
-This model offers no guidance or pronation crap what so ever: Perfect!
-The outsole wore off fairly quick when running on rockier trails, and of course pavement(duh): “Ehhh where’s my lugs?”
-Super low to the ground feel: Bring it!
-Good for: Ultras, Crossfit, Trailrunning, walking your dog, parkour, grocery shopping
-Thin rock plate: helps….a little
Love ’em! Get a pair before they’re all gone! (just not men’s US11.5, much appreciated)


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