So you like Mustaches? Well good, it’s Movember.

Salvador Dali shows us the true look of a classy 'stache

What’s that? oh you thought I misspelled November? No no, it’s not a typo it really is Movember. Each year in November, men around the world will grow elegant, sporty, rugged or even suave mustaches to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer and men’s health. If you are man enough to grow a mustache and would like to participate, the rules are simple. I’m a little late with this posting(this officially started on Nov 1st) but you should shave your face cleanly, and grow nothing but the mustache hairs. No goatees, no beards, just a mustache.

Why is it called ‘Mo’vember? Well the origin of Mo’ is actually Aussie slang for a mustache. If you want to see what kind of words are associated with this I highly recommend the MOxford Dictionary. So going back to our break down of Mo’vember, it literally signifies that November is the month of mustaches. Mo Bros around the world grow mustaches in support of this, and help raise money. We cannot forget about the Mo Sistas who greatly contribute to this cause as well, they can be found sporting all kinds of fake mustaches and helping raise awareness. In support of this, I of course shaved my mustache and started with a clean slate. I also created a donation page if you would like to contribute at my Mo Space Page. Feel free to donate whatever you can, this all goes toward the Prostate Cancer Foundation to aid in research and awareness.

Can’t think of any cool ideas? Let the folks at Movember show you a few ideas:


One response to “So you like Mustaches? Well good, it’s Movember.

  1. I’ll just say “You are very welcome”! Can’t wait to see what you come up with! Thanks for supporting a good cause in a very fun way (I hear bc I can’t grow a Mo.)

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