Inspiration. Adventure. And the pursuit of feeling alive.

First, here is a wonderful video that I found on Anton Kupricka’s blog. It is beautifully made with one camera man, tripod and camera.
Geoff Roes has been an inspiration of mine since I started Ultra Running because of his humble personality and outlook on nature and man. He lives in Colorado for half the year and spends the other in Alaska.


Ultra Running has introduced me to a whole new world of friends, places, thoughts, a humble community and many life experiences. I think the one recurring theme in all of this can be summed up by the title of an essay written by Mark Twight: “I hurt, therefore I am”. As redundant or cliche this sounds, yes many other athletes have portrayed this in a multitude of different ways, it is a common subject for those who push past their own human limits. The pain which we experience whether training for an event in life or the actual feat ties us all back to one thing; we are human, we feel pain, but we try and get passed this to achieve greater things. What is the overall end result? we feel alive. Yes, I know it might not be the easiest equation to picture but basically-

Trial: a test of faith, patience, or stamina through subjection to suffering or temptation;
Pain: a basic bodily sensation induced by a noxious stimulus, received by naked nerve endings, characterized by physical discomfort and typically leading to evasive action
Endurance: the ability to withstand hardship or adversity; especially : the ability to sustain a prolonged stressful effort or activity
Knowing you exist in this world and feeling ALIVE.

Now for the real fun. I have had a slight change of plans in my race schedule this year. After recently meeting another Ultra Runner from VA Beach, I am honored to say I will be pacing Carter Swamp at this year’s 4th annual Grindstone 100.

Carter Swamp

A pacer usually picks up his racer around ~50 miles in, unless the runner does not need him yet. This person running along side can at times be your friend, psychologist, ass kicker, or simply someone to actually keep a steady pace for you to go off of. Besides, who would pass up the opportunity to go run in the mountains with a friend? This will be a guaranteed good time, and an amazing experience to log into life’s journal. Grindstone 100 is without a doubt one of the hardest races on the east coast, 101.85 miles of pure Appalachian/Blue Ridge Mountains terrain with 23,200 ft of elevation gain, and the same in elevation loss. A master piece of a race course, directed by Dr. Clark Zealand who is a great friend of Dr. David Horton(just to give you an idea of the masterminds behind this race). It looks challenging, brutal, epic, and a hell-a’-good-time, so the journey continues…


2 responses to “Inspiration. Adventure. And the pursuit of feeling alive.

  1. Insane layout on your blog, rich detail. And the content I looked through so far is right up my alley. Bookmarked for sure. Thanks for sharing the Roes video. Got a link from Health Warrior on FB. Inspirational, both the video and the blog. Keep it up and cheers!

    • Thanks James! I enjoyed reading your blog as well. I love reading other ultra runners blogs, we have such a small unique community with a tight bond. Keep the blogging coming!

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