Leadville Trail 100 Race Recap/Experience

It hasn’t been 48 hours since I stepped off the plane back here in Virginia, and thoughts of toeing next years’ Leadville Trail 100 are already building up. After what turned out to be an epic trip nonetheless, this year’s attempt at my first 100 miler and in Leadville, CO was a beautiful ride full of emotional and psychological ups and downs, a critical hydration mistake, tripping out by a waterfall, grueling breath taking(literally) climbs and awing views every mile of the way. Before I move on from this memory I have to mention that this was also the first year I had a crew helping me and they deserve the biggest praise of all:

Andrew Lewis- The Roomie, fellow gear head, driver, team leader, crossfitter. Nika Vicqueneau- The Mother, team psychologist (haha), Caesar salad connoisseur, the reason I am here today. Lindsay Cosco- The Corky Big Sis, team medic, yoga addict, up-for-anything adventurist.

They have asked us if we were going to attempt it next year, and with a big smile I simply responded: Yes. With new lessons learned after every Ultra I have ran this year, I can only imagine how much more prepared I will be next year after the new friends I have made in this community, new races I will sign up for before LT100 and so on. Until then, happy trails and get out there!


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