RUN! by Dean Karnazes

For those of you who have never heard of Dean Karnazes, he is literally an Ultra running machine! and check it out, he doesn’t look like the typical uber skinny twig legged usual runners you usually think about. Dean has accomplished many great feats in his running career such as winning Badwater Ultramarathon in 2004, 11 Western States 100 finishes all under 24 hours,  running across the U.S. in 75 days or even swimming across the San Francisco Bay!

This book is a good read and very entertaining inside look at his crazy life and the often ludicrous ideas he gets like for example running to a friends wedding reception the day before…mind you it was 75 miles away. An easy read divided into 26.2 chapters(clever isn’t it ?), this book is a must read if you’re an avid runner, or not! Although I make no claims, but you’ll probably want to get up after reading a few chapters and perhaps go run for an hour…or four. Enjoy!


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