Quesadillas at mile 28

They say pictures are worth a thousand words, I like to think more minimalistic. Let’s get real; when a person sees this they think how beautiful nature is…I see PAIN written in bold letters.

The Bel Monte 50 was the most humbling and at the same time hardest challenge I have ever tackled in my life, I’m not even kidding.

I dropped the ball on writing a race recap, waited too long, wanting to find a good time and place to type this up and now I’ve let a couple weeks slip by. In a short summary, this race was at times so trying that I questioned my sanity and reasoning but stayed strong until the end. I was told after the brutal climb to Camp Marty(easily 2 hour climb) that I had missed the cut-off by 3 minutes. Instead of breaking down and sitting there crying over a 50 miler not finished I was relieved to find out I could at least finish the 50K course + my extra mileage. Thankfully this was the most well stocked aid station on the course, I sat there and ate 3 quesadillas(mind you I hadn’t had any bread or gluten in forever), a glass of de-fizzed Coke(Jen’s favorite hang over cure), and after refilling my bottles I was back out on the course.

Am I a little bummed for not making the cut off? Yes

Do I think life is over? No

Lessons learned: Keep moving, fight the pain, don’t waste your time at the aid stations, and keep hydrating. A big lesson learned is my hip pack was not a good source of hydration for me. I kept having to stop to take sips of water and when I was trying to make up time I barely drank which I think led me to crash on that hill. Next race I will be using an Osprey Hydraulics pack: the Viper 10. It is a version of bladder packs that are super light form Osprey and I hope this leads me to drink more since the bite valve will be right there the whole time.

Also; minimalist shoes are great….for sprints and dead-lifts…not mountainous Ultras! I will post about my experience with the MT101 for next time.




One response to “Quesadillas at mile 28

  1. So proud of you!!!! EVERY day is an adventure with you, but THAT was one heck of a ride 🙂 To many, many more! Love you!

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