We are kids, Take it or Leave it.

As I sit here thinking about how exactly to describe my recent hike of the Three Ridges, it hit me that I was thinking way too hard. It’s simple, we are just kids disguised as adults. Life wants you to think that “play time” is over, cars, houses, debt, raising a family and money become day to day occurrences and we lose ourselves in this grown up world.
No more school recess, no snacks from Mom, no more carefree attitude for fear of judgment by peers. Don’t worry I’m here to tell you that letting loose and enjoying yourself isn’t a forgotten art. Early on in life my mom showed me that clowning around was ageless, even when my younger brother and I were super embarrassed(you know those teen years).  The next step in this mix up of forgetting that we are kids deep inside? Find your playground. What place makes you forget everything? makes you happy? a worry free haven away from judging eyes, where you make the rules…it’s your tree house after all so do whatever you want.

A common equation arises when I ask myself this every time; nature+adrenaline thrills+good company= Priceless memories and adventures. When you strip man away from humanity, you leave him stripped of his worries and every day stress. His only thoughts are on the primitive basics: food, water, and shelter. Another great by-product? Lots of silence giving you the ability to hear your own thoughts. This past week was a great way to re-charge my batteries and feel like a kid again.

Consider a self-realization check or whatever you want to call it but allowing yourself time to properly recharge and think about things makes you realize how small we really are. News Flash: yep, you are still NOT the center of the universe, sorry boys and girls. Take a step back from time to time, and digest the fact that you are but a small grain of sand on this planet.  Climb a mountain(or in this case 3 ridges), surf on a double over head day, walk outside and notice that you are not that big of a deal you thought you were. Are you insignificant? no, you can choose to make a difference in someone or somethings life, but that’s solely up to you.

I’ll leave you off with words describing the Three Ridges trip I recently took: Good Friends, Rocks, Cold, Rain, Bootleggers, Soaked, Knife Throwing, Reading A.T. logs, Shelters, “Dirt Lips”, Slapchop, Breakfast Sandwiches, Goretex, Mexican Rice & Chicken, Ice Forest, Foul Smells(goes for everyone), Timeless, “Classic Virginia”. If I could do it all over again, I would in a heart beat. Happy Trails!


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