SAS Survival Handbook

For me this week will be more of an escape than a wilderness survival course.

Somewhere along the line, man asks himself if he is really the man he is and feels a desire to test himself in many different ways. Going out to hike the Three Ridges would constitute just that and it just seemed like the perfect timing between three friends. A few hundred dollar bills later, the whole crew is outfitted and ready to blaze the trails. We will be leaving tomorrow around 3-4 am, hiking the bulk part of the trip on the first day and the rest? well you’ll just have to wait and see. I can write down an itinerary, tell you exactly where we could be but then that would tie me to a specific schedule and trip which I can’t guarantee is what will happen. Adventure is just that, an adventure. An unknown where Murphy’s Law is usually supreme ruler: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”. The only way to prepare is make sure your partners have a good head on their shoulders and that you all trust each other.

Nature’s a trip, you should try it sometime. word to the wise: do get addicted, it’ll suck you right in anyways.
More to come…


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