Full Speed Ahead

City & Colour's singer: Dallas Green

Is life endless? Probably not. All I know is when my beard is gray, and my grand kids ask me what I have done in life, I want to not know where to start.  There’s endless roads to fulfillment and an accomplished life and I want to take them all. Testing myself beyond human limits, discovering new things, enjoying the world’s cuisines, and traveling the world is how I will acquire self-awareness. It is often said that the best way to find oneself is to explore the world around you.

“The purpose of life is to be happy.” Dalai Lama


One response to “Full Speed Ahead

  1. No better way to know what you are capable of then by pushing yourself to the extreme. Then next time pushing that extreme to another level. Work at a desk your whole life making “fat stacks” but never be happy or know what you are truly capable of.

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